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Art for Social Change

Art for Social Change

Art for Social Change
Nadine and VIU Students Jeff, Stephanie and Adam

VIU post-bacc Education students were teamed up with 9 community artists to create an art piece that represents a Social Justice issue and its solutions.

We created a 5 ft. tall cell phone titled “Blood Phone i5: The Latest and Greatest in Modern Slavery” to highlight the plight of men, women and children in the Congo who are forced to mine coltan for use in most technological devices. Their slave labour reaps profits for the warlords, who sell the Coltan to fuel the local war.

We added “apps” to illustrate the problems (there are too many) and the solutions (which includes recycling your old cellphone, not upgrading, unplugging, seeking out Fair Trade electronics*, and getting the facts).

*Fair Trade electronics are not yet a reality, but we can make it one! See: http://www.change.org/en-CA


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