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Framing the China Steps Mural

Framing materials:

2 pieces 12′ 2×4

4 pieces 8′ 2×4

PL400 glue

4″ Deck (coated) screws

Thanks to my neighbour, who’s a carpenter, the frame for the mural came together in 30 minutes! He cut theĀ  2 x 4 spruce into 11′ 10″ top and bottom, and 7′ 10″ sides, plus two cross-bars where the plywood sheets meet. this simple frame would have been crooked if I had attempted it, and it would have taken me hours!

I then primed the frame and cross-bars, two coats. Finally, I inserted the cross-bars and screwed them in, ready for the plywood sheets to be laid across, glued in place. But that’s next time…