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Painting in Progress

The images emerge like ghosts.

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China Steps Mural – Painting! Finally!

The best part has begun. This will go rather quickly, so I’m glad that this is being documented (a first for me).

Today I finished the layout and drawing in pencil, and began painting the sky and mountains. It’s best to start at the top and work down!

Framing the China Steps Mural

Framing materials:

2 pieces 12′ 2×4

4 pieces 8′ 2×4

PL400 glue

4″ Deck (coated) screws

Thanks to my neighbour, who’s a carpenter, the frame for the mural came together in 30 minutes! He cut theĀ  2 x 4 spruce into 11′ 10″ top and bottom, and 7′ 10″ sides, plus two cross-bars where the plywood sheets meet. this simple frame would have been crooked if I had attempted it, and it would have taken me hours!

I then primed the frame and cross-bars, two coats. Finally, I inserted the cross-bars and screwed them in, ready for the plywood sheets to be laid across, glued in place. But that’s next time…


China Steps Mural Prep

This is definitely the least exciting part of creating an archival outdoor art piece! But you need 2 coats of primer front and back! I can almost see them all together, ready for the FUN part!

Next is framing…